Guitar Scales: A Practical Guide to Understanding the Guitar Fretboard – by Lloyd English

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This could be the clearest most concise and useful book on Guitar Scales ever written. Ideal for the guitarist at every level wishing to have a comprehensive and functional understanding of the guitar fretboard and practical music fundamentals. This book reveals the guitar and music as elegant systems that are easy to understand if presented correctly. This course can be used in conjunction with private instruction or as a program of self directed study that has the capacity to take a novice player to an advanced intermediate level while establishing a firm grasp of guitar mechanics and the musical language. Each page is carefully laid out with clear and complete diagrams that demonstrate vertical chordal relationships as well as horizontal connections. Every scale form has been diagrammed with best fingering practices as well as suggested technical and musical exercises. Some of the most common scale sounds are covered including Major, Minor, Major Pentatonic and Minor Pentatonic complete with introductory suggestions for musical uses and accompanying technical exercises. Music notation is set at the bottom of each scale diagram page in order to provide a complete overall picture.

  • Clear and Concise Progressive Method
  • Learn How Scales Connect
  • Major Scales for Guitar
  • Minor Scales for Guitar
  • Major Pentatonic Scales for Guitar
  • Minor Pentatonic Scales for Guitar
  • Practical Examples and Scale Exercises for Guitar
  • Guitar Scale Diagrams
  • Beginner Guitar Scales
  • Music Theory for Guitar

This book can be purchased in paperback or Kindle edition directly from

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