Intellitouch PT20 Tuner

$39.95 $29.95

Automatic & Chromatic Tuner for electric and acoustic guitars, mandolins, basses, banjos and more.

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The latest in Intellitouch’s vibration based tuners, the PT20 is even smaller than previous versions featuring automatic, chromatic tuning. The measured pitch is shown on a bright, back lit screen that turns from red to greed as the correct note is reached in degrees indicated in black on the screen.

The PT20 feels your instrument’s vibration with a piezo transducer instead of hearing it with a microphone. Tuning without sound allows this tuner to be accurate and fast in noisy environments. So whether you are at home with your friends or on stage, precise and fast tuning is a breeze.

The PT20 tuner uses one long lasting CR2032 battery which is included. All Intellitouch tuners come with a limited lifetime warranty.